Who the hell are we?


To the left, Ryan Burton and on the right, the other guy.

About the Show: They’re Gamers talking games of all shapes and styles with a hint of vulgarity and idiocy. Guests, topics, and two guys with a genuine appreciation of all things gaming. Hosted by @Fulkerguy & @Trevyn on Twitter.

Found In The Alley is basically a podcast by two men who live far enough away from one another to have a good time talking shit with one another. It’ll be posted (usually) once a week. You can always e-mail us any questions for our E-mail segment at FoundInTheAlley@gmail.com

Our theme song is taken from the song “1/2 player game” by the great German chip rock band Pornophonique. Their album 8-bit Lagerfauer is Creative Commons Some Rights Reserved, and we hope we are abiding by them, because otherwise we have no music.

About Robert : Former host of L5Rchives and a few other college radio shows, Robert is a 31 year old returning college student currently residing in Monterey California. The de facto game master for nearly every game we play, and probably some that we don’t. Along with role-playing games Robert also does miniature war-games, card-games, board games and loves to get his fight on with some Street Fighter and video games.

Favorite RPGs: D&D 4E, Mage: The Ascension, Rifts, Exalted, Dogs in the Vineyard, Legend of the Five Rings, Seven Seas, World of Warcraft, Curse of Monkey Island series.

About Ryan : He’s a 30 year old Seattle-ite, married to an awesome wife (which is highly disputed, depending on who you speak to), and is a HUGE Street Fighter fan. Born in St. Louis to a crazy family, he ran at his first opportunity to California. While there, much more insanity took place. Eventually, he moved up to Washington where he currently resides. One day, he hopes to build an arcade, and name it “Xeno’s Digital Dojo Of Anything Goes Video Martial Arts”. Oh, and adopt a little girl at some point and turn her into a Street Fighter Prodigy. He’s not very bright.

Favorite RPGs : Valkyrie Profile Series, Fire Emblem, Final Fantasy Tactics, D&D 2nd or 4th edition, Intergalactic Cooking Challenge, Mutants & Masterminds.


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