Episode 37 : Summer Movie Draft – Disney’s Got It’s Dick All Over It.

April 26, 2014 § 3 Comments

Ok, first thing’s first, Robert OK’ed this title. I refuse to take any shit for it. The vice-president of editing means all the power I really have is to cast tie breaking votes when it comes to what should and should not get cut. I hate this demotion.


But, since this was recorded two weeks ago with our sister-rival-rival-sister podcast, the Ace Of Geeks, it just proves that I deserve to have gotten demoted. Two weeks is unacceptable, and I am taking a massive pay cut for this transgression. Now I get paid nothing.


Contained within this podcast, you’ll discover…


1) Ryan is incapable of ending a story.

2) T-Rex arms are neat.

3) The true worth of the movie “How To Train Your Dragon 2”, and Mike’s plan to kidnap children to force them to watch it.

4) This post/podcast is merely the precursor to what the Summer Movie Draft is, and the list will be released soon!


There. Links and Downloads are here:


Download this damn thing here!


Episode 36 : Drowning Our Sorrows With Laughter

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With balderdash and hyperbole, Robert and Ryan make their completely unwanted and unlistenable return to Found In The Alley with Episode 36! Can you believe it’s been almost 19 months since I last updated this place? You can? Well… If Homestar Runner can do it, why the hell can’t we?


Contained within this episode is a brief history on why we were gone. Seriously. It’s kinda crappy. But don’t worry! It ends with Robert giving Ryan a handjob under the table. Wait… No… That’s not right. That might make one of us happy. I’ll leave it to our intrepid single listener to determine who that would be!


Either way, now that we’re ‘back’, the plan is to do this once a week again. Who knows? Maybe this time, someone will contact us on Twitter, or on our Facebook page, or heaven forbid, leave a comment here on THIS site.


As always, you can download the from the link below as well! Listen on your… uh… whatever it is you listen to things on!

Found In The Alley : Episode 36

Episode 35 : Crimes Against Cards Against Humanity Against Humanity

July 20, 2012 § Leave a comment

We here at Found In The Alley like stuff. Random stuff. Among random things we’ve found is an absolutely kickass game called Cards Against Humanity. This game is ‘similar’ to Apples to Apples (another awesome game), with two notable differences.

1) All of the White Cards are filled with truly horrible and terrible things. MechaHitler, The Trail Of Tears, Unborn Babies ect…

2) Instead of the Black Cards being a single word, they’re phrases that can require up to 3 answers per player. Way more variety in that regard for sure.

So, in today’s podcast, we get a few people playing the game while Ryan judges them. Of course, Ryan would have played this game, if he weren’t a loser with his own home way up near Seattle instead of being a bum back in California with everyone (who may or may not be bums) who played! Who will come out on top? Will it be Eric, the Lord of Vulgarity? Will it be Keiran, the one responsible for us not being able to post our game of Panty Explosion Perfect? Will it be Joe, the sandwich hating robot boy who may never have gotten to third base no matter how many times Ryan demands to know the answer? Will it be Andrew, The guy with the Frenchie last name? Will it be Adam, our one Republican friend? Will it be Rando Cardrissian, the deck of cards that just takes his choice from the top?!

Spoilers : It won’t be Ryan or Robert winning.

Ryan may also talk about Super Monday Night Combat which is free to play on the PC right now! (Available on Steam)

So, without further adieu, feel free to download this podcast HERE!


And, as always iTunes, Stitcher, and this site will continue to have the very best in the very worst of podcasting!


Episode 34: Full Court Press Junket

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We here at Found in the Alley are committed to bringing you the latest in gaming news and commentary. As such these are none of those. Today we talk with John W. Hawthorne (No relation to the Hawthorne’s of Hawthorne Wipes), first time author, long time storyteller, community organizer and roleplayer. His first book is Dark Mercury Volume 1: Haven and Hope, a near future cyber-punk, post-humanist, techno-thriller. Man that is a lot of hyphens. If you like any of those genres take a listen to my rambling interview (really need to knock the cobwebs off my interviewing skills again) with John about what it is like to self-publish in the age of Amazon, where he drew inspiration for this book, and finally a spoiler heavy review of Mass Effect 3 months behind schedule… now with more (and longer) shitty endings.


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Episode 33: Sixth edition showdown

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I like Warhammer 40,000. I hope you do to, because this episode is all about the new 6th edition. I have been playing this game since I was in high school and desperately trying to cobble together a 2nd edition army. Played some Imperial Guard, Space Marines, Dark Eldar, and Tau over the years and even dominated a couple of years of local tournaments. So I like to think I know a bit about 40K and how it is played. That said I haven’t played a lot over the last few years being stuck down in Monterey. So when an old friend of mine Stacey Block asked if anyone out there wanted to try out the new edition of 40K I jumped at the chance. Stacey has been one of those top tier players that I would fear to go up against in any tourney, but loved to see in casual play as I always learned a lot.

So we headed down to out FLGS Ronin Games in Castro Valley to play. On the way I thought this would also be a great opportunity to do a podcast, that way not only could I learn all the differences and add on’s to the new version of the game… but so could our, literally, tens… of fans. So what you have here will be an audio podcast of talking about the new game and the changes, a narrated battle report with pics, and then the second half of the podcast is out after action report about how it played. We spare you the tedious (Although I have to admit, building an army list, getting it to the table and playing went surprisingly quick) process of listening to us play and just get you back to the important bits of rules and what not. So stay a while and listen… or don’t… no one else is.


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Episode 32 : Now with… Video?

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Welcome to Found In The Alley, where dreams about seeing two fairly unattractive white guys can be reality! OH NO!

This specific episode took advantage of the Google Hangouts, webcams, and a complete lack of maturity. Ryan’s eyes glow with an eerie light, and Robert’s world steadily creeps into darkness… Until he turns on the lamp. The video (which has things Ryan edited out of the legit podcast… with good reason) can be found below!

The podcast itself holds a number of interesting things. Among them are the following…

  • Pulsefire Ezreal gets a royal welcome on League Of Legends
  • Prometheus stunned Ryan, but left Robert pleased. Find out how and why!
  • Ryan reviews Asura’s Wrath. See if it survives his wrath.
  • Ryan and Robert basically look terrible.

As for the actual podcast itself, you can always download them via iTunes, this site, or eschew downloading entirely and stream it via Stitcher!

Download us here!

Next Episode (Recording Sunday at 7 p.m. PST on July 8th) will feature up and coming author John Hawthorne, author of Haven and Hope (Available online at Amazon right now!) will be on to talk about his book, writing in this new era, and maybe some other crap we’ll think up on the fly.

And as always you can contact us via our e-mail : foundinthealley@gmail.com

via our Facebook page : http://www.facebook.com/foundinthealley

Or right here. Or in person!

The future is upon us!

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There’s this meme flying around that has pictures of women in modern pop culture and then below it women in geek culture. The intent originally was, obviously, short sighted. While I can see what the original was trying to do/say, they forgot one of the basic rules of the Internet.

You’re probably wrong, asshole.

The original insinuation was that while pop culture has women with vastly oversexualized and exploitative personalities, and geek culture has more ‘down to earth’ girls. The counter has simply shown that for every Kim Kardashian in pop culture, there’s two of Bayonetta, not a Felicia Day, in geek culture.

I get this sort of feeling from playing League Of Legends sometimes. If you have a bad game, or even just start poorly, there’s always gonna be that asshole on your team (even if you’re a premade sometimes…) that calls you a noob or tells you that you suck. That dick will be there to cry and whine about any missed skill shot, any misfire, any failed flash you may do.

Rather than think about the team, this person will rage about the ‘lameness’ of you. Rather than see the value you bring to the table, even if it isn’t 100% unmitigated awesome, they discount you immediately and blame every subsequent encounter on you, regardless of outcome.

In that same way, people will look at that meme and think “Ugh, what about all those Lara Croft lookin’ whores out in geek culture?” Rather than seeing what value the initial picture brought, regardless of the cherry picking of data (which I admit was quite specific), they choose to say its outright wrong.

Maybe it’s not a perfect metaphor either? However, the value it brings to the discussion on pop vs. geek is pretty clear, isn’t it? That value is hope. Hope that maybe someday we won’t have to cherry pick that data, because both men and women will be actually viewed as equals. Hope that someday someone’s value will be determined not by bank account or breast size, but by the content of their character.

There’s just one little problem… I wrote this on the Internet, so there’s that one rule I need to remember.


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