Summer Movie Draft 2014

April 26, 2014 § Leave a comment

What better way to challenge our sister podcast and rivals, The Ace of Geeks, than to pop culture combat? So to this end I have proposed holding a Summer Movie Draft. It is kinda like a fantasy sports league, but with movies of course. Durr. We were each given 100 units of currency with which to bid competitively against each other. However, there are a lot of movies that come out each summer, how could we bid on all of them? We couldn’t, nor would we want to. So we each put together a list of movies we would be interested in bidding on that open between April 11th and August 22nd and put together a list of about 30 movies for us to bid upon. With the help of friend of the show Bryson Perez (@Guamunist) acting as auctioneer we set the stakes of the competition and began our bidding. You can listen to it all here in Episode 37.

Here you can see which movies we have bid upon, who won what, and what they paid for it all. We will be judging this competition by the metric of how well each movies does in its domestic opening weekend box office earnings. We can also brag about what movies were the best bang for the buck by looking at the bid to earnings ratio. Lastly we have set up a running tally of each competitor as well as how each podcast is doing. This will be updated each week to see where we all stand and to facilitate mockery. So how do you think will win? The Ace of Geeks with their successful podcast about pop culture or Found in the Alley with their shitty podcast about who-knows-what? Which host will triumph over their partner? Only time will tell, but we would love to hear what you all think. So vote, e-mail, comment, tweet, or hit us up on Facebook. Either way we hope you enjoy the show from now until the end of August as both podcast talks shit, issues more challenges, and the finale to be held on the Ace of Geeks at the end of August.




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