Episode 36 : Drowning Our Sorrows With Laughter

April 12, 2014 § Leave a comment

With balderdash and hyperbole, Robert and Ryan make their completely unwanted and unlistenable return to Found In The Alley with Episode 36! Can you believe it’s been almost 19 months since I last updated this place? You can? Well… If Homestar Runner can do it, why the hell can’t we?


Contained within this episode is a brief history on why we were gone. Seriously. It’s kinda crappy. But don’t worry! It ends with Robert giving Ryan a handjob under the table. Wait… No… That’s not right. That might make one of us happy. I’ll leave it to our intrepid single listener to determine who that would be!


Either way, now that we’re ‘back’, the plan is to do this once a week again. Who knows? Maybe this time, someone will contact us on Twitter, or on our Facebook page, or heaven forbid, leave a comment here on THIS site.


As always, you can download the from the link below as well! Listen on your… uh… whatever it is you listen to things on!

Found In The Alley : Episode 36


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