Episode 35 : Crimes Against Cards Against Humanity Against Humanity

July 20, 2012 § Leave a comment

We here at Found In The Alley like stuff. Random stuff. Among random things we’ve found is an absolutely kickass game called Cards Against Humanity. This game is ‘similar’ to Apples to Apples (another awesome game), with two notable differences.

1) All of the White Cards are filled with truly horrible and terrible things. MechaHitler, The Trail Of Tears, Unborn Babies ect…

2) Instead of the Black Cards being a single word, they’re phrases that can require up to 3 answers per player. Way more variety in that regard for sure.

So, in today’s podcast, we get a few people playing the game while Ryan judges them. Of course, Ryan would have played this game, if he weren’t a loser with his own home way up near Seattle instead of being a bum back in California with everyone (who may or may not be bums) who played! Who will come out on top? Will it be Eric, the Lord of Vulgarity? Will it be Keiran, the one responsible for us not being able to post our game of Panty Explosion Perfect? Will it be Joe, the sandwich hating robot boy who may never have gotten to third base no matter how many times Ryan demands to know the answer? Will it be Andrew, The guy with the Frenchie last name? Will it be Adam, our one Republican friend? Will it be Rando Cardrissian, the deck of cards that just takes his choice from the top?!

Spoilers : It won’t be Ryan or Robert winning.

Ryan may also talk about Super Monday Night Combat which is free to play on the PC right now! (Available on Steam)

So, without further adieu, feel free to download this podcast HERE!


And, as always iTunes, Stitcher, and this site will continue to have the very best in the very worst of podcasting!



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