Episode 34: Full Court Press Junket

July 12, 2012 § Leave a comment

We here at Found in the Alley are committed to bringing you the latest in gaming news and commentary. As such these are none of those. Today we talk with John W. Hawthorne (No relation to the Hawthorne’s of Hawthorne Wipes), first time author, long time storyteller, community organizer and roleplayer. His first book is Dark Mercury Volume 1: Haven and Hope, a near future cyber-punk, post-humanist, techno-thriller. Man that is a lot of hyphens. If you like any of those genres take a listen to my rambling interview (really need to knock the cobwebs off my interviewing skills again) with John about what it is like to self-publish in the age of Amazon, where he drew inspiration for this book, and finally a spoiler heavy review of Mass Effect 3 months behind schedule… now with more (and longer) shitty endings.



Where can I buy this book? Why right here of course! http://buy.havenandhope.com/

Click here for the FB fan page and get the latest news on Dark Mercury releases. http://follow.havenandhope.com/

To get a preview read of the prologue and first chapter read the Dark Mercury Blog.

You can follow John and Dark Mercury on Twitter as well at @DarkMercuryZero.

Along with our terrible audio interview there is a much better author blog interview John did here.

John will be at a book signing at Wicked Grounds (From Episode 18) in San Francisco on August 11th.


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