The future is upon us!

June 19, 2012 § Leave a comment


There’s this meme flying around that has pictures of women in modern pop culture and then below it women in geek culture. The intent originally was, obviously, short sighted. While I can see what the original was trying to do/say, they forgot one of the basic rules of the Internet.

You’re probably wrong, asshole.

The original insinuation was that while pop culture has women with vastly oversexualized and exploitative personalities, and geek culture has more ‘down to earth’ girls. The counter has simply shown that for every Kim Kardashian in pop culture, there’s two of Bayonetta, not a Felicia Day, in geek culture.

I get this sort of feeling from playing League Of Legends sometimes. If you have a bad game, or even just start poorly, there’s always gonna be that asshole on your team (even if you’re a premade sometimes…) that calls you a noob or tells you that you suck. That dick will be there to cry and whine about any missed skill shot, any misfire, any failed flash you may do.

Rather than think about the team, this person will rage about the ‘lameness’ of you. Rather than see the value you bring to the table, even if it isn’t 100% unmitigated awesome, they discount you immediately and blame every subsequent encounter on you, regardless of outcome.

In that same way, people will look at that meme and think “Ugh, what about all those Lara Croft lookin’ whores out in geek culture?” Rather than seeing what value the initial picture brought, regardless of the cherry picking of data (which I admit was quite specific), they choose to say its outright wrong.

Maybe it’s not a perfect metaphor either? However, the value it brings to the discussion on pop vs. geek is pretty clear, isn’t it? That value is hope. Hope that maybe someday we won’t have to cherry pick that data, because both men and women will be actually viewed as equals. Hope that someday someone’s value will be determined not by bank account or breast size, but by the content of their character.

There’s just one little problem… I wrote this on the Internet, so there’s that one rule I need to remember.



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