2.1 – Found In The Old Republic

December 4, 2011 § 1 Comment

Salutations! From the distant corners of the world, I have come to provide upon you a glorious new podcast! A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, people used lasers as swords and flew around with jetpacks. Apparently, we do not possess such technology today, which seems stupid in retrospect. What we DO have today is a lengthy and somewhat detailed review of the beta test for Star Wars : The Old Republic.

Ryan, the only person on the planet not invited to the beta test, was forced to get all of his information from Robert, Andrew, Keiran, and Bryson. Questions will be asked, some of them answered!

Oh, and I am still giving away my copy of Deus Ex : Human Revolution for the Xbox 360, so I’ll have some more information on that next week… This show was just too full of Star Wars to muck it up with much else. If you have any questions we didn’t cover in the podcast, please leave us a comment (or e-mail us at FoundInTheAlley@gmail.com) and I’m sure Robert will go into great detail about why the Sith rule and the Rebels drool.

For those of you without the ability for flash, as always, we have the link to download HERE and also we’re available on iTunes! Yay us!


Also, it’s good to be back people. I hope you enjoy listening as much as Robert and Ryan enjoy making these.


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