Ep. 23 – Story Hour

June 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

All right children, gather around as Robert and Ryan tell you a series of morality tales. These are the kinds of stories that make people healthier, wiser, and less prone to forcing Ryan into another round of Dead Baby Stories. Robert lamented the time he spent away from Ryan last week, so as an act of contrition and revenge, Ryan struck back. Listen to this episode to see how!

No special guests this week, but if you have a request for something for us to talk about, you can always leave us a message here, on our Facebook page, or via email at foundinthealley@gmail.com

Also, I want to apologize to our two’s of fans out there for getting this up so late. Between Ryan working all weekend and Robert being completely dumb and smelly, it took longer than usual for our schedules to sync up. When they did though, Ryan cranked this out (because he’s the President Of Editing, seriously, when we get business cards, that’ll be on there.) ENJOY!

And for those of you who refuse to join us in the 21st century without flash, you can stream us / download us from Here!


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