Ep. 22 – Let There Be James!

June 18, 2011 § Leave a comment

Lo! There may still be truth left in this world, and if ye find it so, ye shall see it contained within! Come, let us go together into the den of the Enchanted Beards! (Author’s Note : I nearly wrote Bears. That would be incorrect and STUPID FUCKING DANGEROUS! As I’ve always said that a fictional character I made up says : “Do not fuck with bear.”) What magnificent jewels will we uncover within?

We? No no… You and Robert. Ryan stays far away, in the event that the gentlemen who run Enchanted Beard Press have bears. That, and he couldn’t get back to the Bay Area without a glut of money that, frankly, neither he or Robert possess.

The links to the shows in question are always held below the cuts, but the links shall be above! Forsooth and all that nonsense!

You can find Enchanted Beard Press at http://enchantedbeardpress.com

You can read any of Enchanted Beard’s personal most inner thoughts on their wordpress site at http://enchantedbeardpress.wordpress.com/

And for those of you without Flash capabilities, or are saddled with only iPhones as your only way onto the internet go Here!


You’ll note a severe lack of Ryan interaction on today’s show. This is because he wasn’t there. BUT he heard Robert BUTCHER his only two catchphrases on the show, and simply couldn’t let that injustice be done. So, harsh edits were made. Can you spot them all? If so, tell us about it in our messages below! Or write us an e-mail… You know, whatever.


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