Nothing too special, but…

June 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

Every few days or so, I like to look at what searches people put into Google (and other various sites) to find us. With a few… less than wonderful… searches that somehow MAGICALLY lead to us (Example : Will Not Murder You) it’s nice to see what does work and what doesn’t. I’ll admit, since I’m the one doing most of the names for these episodes, and yes I know they’re almost universally terrible, it’s nice to see people finding us… Even if it is in strange ways.

I found this awesome when I looked though, and can’t help but laugh at it. If you search for “Why Are We Walking Like This” on Google, it’ll show you a clip from Clerks The Animated Series, and then right below that is the link to our very first show. Considering it was, for a LONG TIME, the front runner for our show’s name before we settled on a vague allusion to anal sex, I think it’s telling me that we’re heading in the right direction.

Even if that direction is somehow masterfully ruined by my poor use of the English language.

Next show records on Thursday (I think?) and will feature a live conversation from another small press game company called Enchanted Beard. You can pre-emptively find a link to their site at




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