Panty Explosion Perfect Play

May 20, 2011 § 5 Comments

As if the boys from FitA aren’t gonna be busy enough next weekend, they have decided to add yet another game to their agenda. On Saturday May 28th they are going to meet up with some friends in San Jose at FanimeCon. This would be the perfect place to try out Cel*Style’s latest releases, especially Jake Richmond’s Panty Explosion Perfect. However, we have no isidea which of 31 flavors of Panty Explosion to play. That’s where you come in. Vote on which version they should write a a little game for their buddy on his birthday. They also plan to record it for a future episode of the show. Ohh and don’t worry, there will be plenty to drink on hand.

Vote below the cut!


§ 5 Responses to Panty Explosion Perfect Play

  • Jake says:

    I voted for Valkyrie Profile, then realized what I wanted was Valkyria Chronicles. Oh well.

    • Valkyria Chronicles looks pretty damn awesomes actually. Although, while we have a PS3, we have never hooked it up in the house. At this point it is more a badge of honor that we don’t and leave it to languish and gather dust.

      Also I think it would make a terrific mod for PEP. Hmmm dilemma.


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  • Todd Zircher says:

    Any update on this?


    • The update is this, due to some insane time constraints lately between myself (Ryan) and Robert, we’ve had a hard time pinning down a time to make this happen. It *WILL* happen though. It’ll have to be done over Skype, as I am two states away from the rest of the people I’d game with, but with a game like Panty Explosion Perfect, that’s completely doable. I hope to have an announcement on WHEN we’re finally gonna make this happen on the next podcast. (Which we record on Thursday)

      Thanks for listening!


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