Ep. 17 – Found In The Closet?

May 16, 2011 § Leave a comment

When this line emerged from our fierce battle between Max Iloff (Who’s been on the show before) and Josh Wolf (Who has not), it was impossible for me to put anything else as the title. We asked Max and Josh to discuss the finer points of Dragon Age 2 for us, with Josh being Pro and Max being… Well… Max. While some in our chat window cried that Josh wasn’t doing it justice, I think a series of important points were made.

Had I paid closer attention to what they were, I’d put them here. But, if I did too good a job, you might not listen. So… Click below the link to discover what we Found In The Closet!

For our anti-Flash allies, you can click here to download this podcast

For the rest of us who ENJOY technology, we have :

Coming up this Friday is our Friday Night Fight Night, which this time Ryan will almost certainly attend.  This week’s game is Puzzle Strike, created by Sirlin Games. Our conversation with David Sirlin was one of our best recieved shows to date, and we love his games enough to try to get everyone involved with them. Friday Night at 6 P.M. Pacific Standard Time until 9 P.M. is the usual time, but if we’ve got people we’re there until we’re done.

Come and explore a new game with us and tell your friends. Both about us at Found In The Alley (where you can be our Facebook fan!) and about the games we talk about. Who knows? Maybe soon we’ll have other small press gaming authors to speak to. We’ll just have to wait and see!


King of the Idiots


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