Episode 14 : Yes Sir(lin)!

April 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

Our guest for this episode, David Sirlin, is a name you may have heard before. If you heard it from us, it was because of our love of Yomi, Puzzle Strike, or Flash Duel. You may have heard it in other places, such as his background in the HD remixes of Super Puzzle Fighter and Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo. You might also have heard about his book “Playing To Win” about competitive gaming and what you need to do to survive.

First off, it was an absolute pleasure to speak to him, as he’s very sharp and able to make excellent points. His eloquence is something to behold, and I’m pleased beyond belief that he agreed to join us on our little podcast.

Contained within the nearly 2 hours of content (an hour and forty minutes, to be precise-like), you’ll learn the following…

  • David’s initial interest in games, as well as that ‘ah hah!’ moment that inspired him to make games.
  • A brief and under discussed history of his Street Fighter tournament prowess
  • His book, it’s key points, and how it guided him in his future works
  • His works on the HD remixes of Super Puzzle Fighter and Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo
  • His current projects, including the amazing games mentioned above.
  • A brief talk about a future, as of yet unnamed, project. (This is something we’re VERY interested in)

As always, the links to the podcast and his works can be found below!

You can listen to the podcast (or download it) from this Here!

David Sirlin’s sites, and works, can be found…

For David’s personal website : http://www.sirlin.net

For Sirlin Games : http://www.sirlingames.com

For his book “Playing To Win” you can read the entire book online for free here or you can choose to buy a copy here or here

And to play Yomi or Puzzle Strike online for free, you can do that at http://www.fantasystrike.com/dev

Again, it was our great pleasure to get to sit down and talk to David and it is our sincere hope you give him all your money.



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