Episode 4 : Lost, But Not Forgotten

April 9, 2011 § Leave a comment

Yes! I did it! It took me two months of screwing with the audio, the tweaking, the cutting, the alignment, the EVERYTHING to bring you our first lost podcast! This was originally supposed to go up around Valentine’s Day, but due to my own inability to edit sound well, I made it work for you all today!

Mostly, this is because I feel bad about the quality of the second Ladies Night show, and I figure until I get something that will make all of us involved happy, I can provide at least a pittance of apology with this.

Contained within our broken hearts are…

  • Evidence we once did news stories!
  • Probably the last Dead Baby story I’ll ever get to post here.
  • At least three tales of womenly woe from both Robert and Ryan each! That’s six stories of misery!
  • Talk about a con that already happened, and the formation of our Facebook page before it got anywhere
  • The lamest thing anyone has ever fought about in a relationship.

As always, the links are contained under the cut… But you should have subscribed to us on iTunes by now… right? Maybe told someone about us and convinced them to be our sponsor or something? Yeah, I know, times are tough…

Episode 4 is contained within! Let’s get this shit started, yo!


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