Episode 11 : Look Out Honey, ‘Cuz I’m Using Technology!

April 1, 2011 § 2 Comments

Dear Ace Of Geeks Podcast,

We regret to inform you that not only have we done more podcasts than you, we are also more awesome. We can say this definitively. How is that? Simply by using our mouths and vocal chords to speak. You claim that you have more podcasts than us, and while your number may be higher, it is an artificial count.

We had an Episode Zero, as well as an episode 5.5 (although we don’t have an episode 4). Two episodes, plus this one I’m about to post here, makes 12. You are at 13. Also, we never repeated the same podcast three times. Oh, and we started podcasting this year, while you started back in October. By volume over time, we win. Repent, for judgment is neigh.

Perhaps we should discuss this podcast from tonight, shall we?

  • We reached 28 fans for our Facebook page, granting us the new URL at http://www.facebook.com/foundinthealley
  • Winners for our “Get us the fuck to 25” contest were revealed
  • Talk about our upcoming events to be held at Kublacon in Burlingame California on Memorial Day Weekend
  • A review of Dead Space 2 by Ryan, who is more than qualified to murder zombies in space
  • Talk about our next 2 upcoming podcasts discussing women in gaming and the prejudices they deal with
  • Conversation about our upcoming Found In The Alley events; The Endgame Minicon and Epic Game Day
  • The month of April’s Friday Night Fight Night is discussed and put up

Link to download/stream our podcast is here for those of you who can’t use flash!

We also have access to live streaming AS WE RECORD, so if you are interested in listening in and peeking behind the veil, follow us on twitter @FoundInTheAlley.


P.S. : This post has been edited like 30 times because I am stupid. >_>


§ 2 Responses to Episode 11 : Look Out Honey, ‘Cuz I’m Using Technology!

  • Helios says:

    What’s this I hear? Ace of Geeks created a unnumbered podcast labeled the Great Debate? Would that not mean F’d in the A’s arrogant post is only a testament to their unwarranted ego? Moreover, what are the implications for their self esteem?
    As a friend of both hosts of F’d to the A, I will not stand to hear these accusations and doubts! If we merely employ Occam’s Razor, we shall find that the knowledgeable and esteemed gentleman of this podcast could not possibly have made this post.
    It is clearly the work of some uneducated Hacker, whose pitiful knowledge of the Ace of Geeks podcast has failed to incite the conflict between our two podcasts they meant to.

  • The hacker lives among you! This is just the beginning! Ruin and despair to those who would seek to stand in the way! The inhabitants of the Alley will swarm upon you like rats, or Oprah on a ham sandwich!

    Either way, it will be gross!

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