Episode 10 : We Will Totally Not Murder You… Today.

March 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

Hello. My name is Found In The Alley, and before I begin telling you about myself, I just want you to know one important thing. I won’t murder you if you download me. We’ll have a delightful time, and while you listen to me talk, you’ll feel safe and think to yourself “Gee, this podcast sure is swell, and totally not a creepy serial murderer! I sure am lucky it’s willing to spend this time with me.”

Vitals –

  • Robert And Ryan are without special guests this week, and have just as great a time as any. Still no dead babies!
  • E-mail received and discussed about the nomenclature on ‘throw away characters’ and why that’s all terribly wrong!
  • The most sane and rational dating profile ever.
  • Creating ‘Buy In’ for characters both before and during the games you may run.
  • We didn’t hide that dead hooker in our trunk next to our pruning shears. We promise!
  • Understanding military structure and how it relates to the sociopaths of classic RPG’s.
  • Upcoming Found In The Alley hosted events, both in the SF Bay Area and in Seattle!
  • Maybe a nipple slip. Around minute 51? Look behind the veil and see what a mistake looks like! Who knows?!

All links and audio can be found under the cut!

Link to the Creepiest Dating Profile EVER! : Here!

Link to Ryan Macklin’s Blog. : Here!

The Minicon being held by EndGame in Oakland CA : Here!

The Epic Game Day being held in Everett WA : Here!

The location EGD is being held at has a website too! : Here!

And for those of you who are on Apple products, the link is contained within!


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