Episode 8 – The God Damned Convention! Rise of the GDC

March 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

In a world where video games are rapidly becoming the dominant form of entertainment, a change is brewing. Changes that will re-shape the entire face of the industry, independent developers, new micro payment models and mobile gaming are on the rise. One man must journey into its very heart, The GDC, to uncover these secrets before it’s too late. From the team that brought you last week’s episode comes more of the same. Directed by Michael Bay, The God Damned Convention, Rise of the GDC.

Highlights include:

  • Special Guest Star Brycon Perez (@Guamunist) with Max and Jenny Iloff
  • What it takes to get into game design and how it looks at Chico State
  • Bryson’s released student game project, http://www.chicostategamestudios.com/40stories/
  • Bryson talks about the Game Developers Conference and how to be a part of it
  • A look at the shows winners, highlight a few panels and discuss Riot’s games as service model
  • Max and Jenny give their take on new release Dragon Age 2

Audio below the cut

If you iPhone, iPod or iPad hate flash, and you know they do, download the episode here… Episode 8 – God Damned Convention! Rise Of The GDC




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