Episode 7 – Selling Out, if that was an Option!

March 5, 2011 § Leave a comment

How to play Found In The Alley : Episode Seven

Contained within this guide are the following :

  • Information about our Facebook Contest, including the prizes and how you can enter
  • The control schemes to master Yomi, the fighting card game with unparalleled balance
  • The ability to play Yomi online for free, complete with artwork and skills
  • Background and beautiful images contained within the Posthuman Productions role playing game “Eclipse Phase”
  • The roster and explanation of Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, including the awesome powers of the mayor of Metro City
  • Proper use of the Dead Eye from Red Dead Redemption, as well as commentary on Assassins Creed
  • Loads of shameless plugs for the aforementioned games, including links to getting at these products and services
  • This guide contains No Dead Babies

Audio and links to what we’ve talked about can be found behind the cut.

For those of you on iPhones or iPads, you can stream it with this link… Found in the Alley Episode 7

Sirlin games and his manifesto on balanced complete games with no crap can be seen here. http://www.sirlingames.com/pages/manifesto

Companies like this with such a dedication to quality over quantity is refreshing, and there are not enough nice things I can say about them. Donate to them to let them know that this is awesome!

Play Yomi and Puzzle Strike online for free at www.fantasystrike.com/dev

If you wish to play against Robert or Ryan, look for users Fulkerguy or Trevyn respectively to face us. We will come up with a day to have us around to play and talk through the game if people are interested. Look forward to that in upcoming posts.

Eclipse Phase Creative Commons RPG. Eclipse Phase Core Book (Srsly, they’re just giving it away and now so are we!) and Adam Jury’s Eclipse Phase Year End Review blog post.



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