Episode 6 – Dead from DunDraCon

February 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

The war has raged on now for quite some time. As the plague sweeps over the land and refugees clog the roads; now no one is safe. The fate of DunDraCon hangs in the balance in these final days. Not all is lost though. A friend joins our hosts and fills their hearts with hope and resolve to carry on. Come and live the adventure by take on the role of a heroic survivor in this final installment of Found in the Alley’s Battle for DunDraCon.

This Podcast contains:

  • New NPCs: Naked Pirates, throw away characters and Nicole Rudolph joins the party & brings the aid of her League of Sinister Fingers
  • New Rules: Mutation powers and Ensemble gaming mechanics
  • New Locales: Travel the world and experience The Crystal Caverns, Mario’s of San Antonio and the many faces of My Favorite Bar
  • New Vehicles: Take the helm of the most unbalanced ship to ever sail the 7 Seas, The Sinestra
  • New Adventure: Attempt to keep Terra Firma beneath your feet as the world teeters on the edge and see if you can decipher the mystery of the Cat Machine

This final installment in the DunDraCon series of podcasts also includes author commentary on LARPing and how to keep it tight and balanced for the best play experiences and keep your players coming back for more.

Be sure to check out Found in the Alley’s other Podcasts including more in this series: Episode 5 – Live from DunDraCon & the expansion pack Episode 5.5 – Still Alive… from DunDraCon.

Join us next week as we move on from DunDraCon and return to our regular format. We will be discussing changing ideology in gaming, Sirlin’s Fantasy Strike, Transhuman roleplaying in Eclipse Phase, and review the videogames Assassin Creeds 2 and Red Dead Redemption.

Audio below the cut

To download the Mp3 or for devices that hate flash like the iPod, iPhone and iPad… Found in The Alley: Episode 6 – Dead from DunDraCon




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