Episode 5 – Live from DunDraCon

February 23, 2011 § 3 Comments

Enter a world of adventure and imagination as Found in the Alley delves into the 35th annual DunDraCon. For the first time since the podcast has begun our hosts are in the same room together. Listen to the earth shake and the room strain to contain the overwhelming enormity of their dueling egos. Join Robert and Ryan as they assemble a cohort of stalwart gamers and attempt to thwart the dreaded foes of Con-dom; sleep, hunger, illness and idle boredom!

This Podcast contains:

  • New classes: Be a powerful Guest Host from a rival Podcast like the Ace of Geeks or play a humble Friendly Gamer with the ability to buff the party with the power of listener ship!
  • New Rules: Information on running and playing in LARPs past and present, as well as an all new card fighting mechanic known as Yomi.
  • New NPCs: Beware the wrath of the Blue Lotus and it’s fiendish leaders Max & Jenny Ilof, encounter the insane crew of The Tempest in a Tepot and behold the arrival of the first fan, Josh.
  • Explore New Worlds: Venture the corridors of the convention and experience life as a deadly samurai, a mighty pirate, a skilled martial artist or a Mage with the power to reform the world.
  • Stunning Artwork: In the form of the first photographs Ryan and Robert have taken since the show has started. (See below)

All this and more is yours to have within the latest episode of Found in the Alley. Be sure to keep your eyes open for upcoming releases including a DunDraCon postmortem and the Wrath of Ashardalon Unboxing expansion set later this week.

Audio and pictures below the cut.

To download or for those with devices that don’t use flash like iPod, iPad and iPhone… Found in the Alley: Episode 5 – Live from DunDraCon


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