Episode 4 – Love’s Labour’s Lost… forever

February 16, 2011 § Leave a comment

Well in a cruel twist of fate it appears that Episode 4: Valentines Day Whore-er Show is fubar. We had several issues with this episode including some strangely loud crackling which we believe originated from my headset, some odd internet connection crashes and other smaller problems have resulted in us calling this episode dead. We will attempt to record a new episode, or just move on from here.

We hate to leave you without an update this week, but that is unfortunately what is going to happen. While we never promised we would always have a new episode out each week, we really wanted to maintain a regular release schedule. We hope you bear with us while we try to work through these issues.

In the mean time we hope you will join us at DunDraCon this weekend. We are going to be hosting a live show at 8pm Saturday Feb 19th in Salon H of the San Ramon Marriott. Come by and be a part of the audience if you can and if not we will be attempting to find a method to stream the event live to you all. So stay tuned for more details on that and thanks again for your interest and listening to our show.



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