Episode 3 – Male It Live!

February 4, 2011 § Leave a comment

Here it is, episode #3, a little ahead of schedule. Due to the overwhelming responses (or two) we recieved from last week’s episode, there’s no dead babies here! Yay! We do have rape though, so… get the fuck over it. But! We also have dancing kittens and laughing babies!

(Special Note : We do not have dancing kittens or laughing babies)

Either way, here you go! Episode #3!

And, for those of you with iPhones/iPods/iPads/iShotguns, here it is for your downloading/streaming convenience. FoundintheAlley Episode 3 Male It Live!

Kindly Die In A Fire,


P.S. – We’re looking for really bad relationship stories for the Valentine’s Day episode we’re doing next week. If you’d like us to discuss them, please send us an e-mail at FoundInTheAlley@gmail.com (This will prevent me from needing a dead baby story next week…)


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