Episode 43 : Sponsored by no one.

April 8, 2015 § 1 Comment

Ladies and Gentlemen, and mom (probably), Welcome to Episode 43 of a podcast no one listens to! Within you shall hear dated materials about things that have already occurred, or are presently trying TO occur!

Things that passed that are discussed :

  • The immediate newness of Dungeon Fighter Online
  • My shot at being Bronze 3 in League Of Legends.

Things that have passed, but will be repeated with a modicum of frequency

So, below as always are the spots to stream from the site, or download it to whatever device you got.

Download link is here!


Episode 42 : DunDraCon Redux

March 3, 2015 § Leave a comment

Ok, first things first, yes. It has been about 8 months since we did a podcast, and yes, the same two special guests we had on the last one are on this one. Also, WE FUCKING WON THAT SUMMER MOVIE DRAFT! WOOO!



What do you mean it’s already March of the year after and no one cares? Wellllll shit. What you’ll find contained in this week’s episode are the following!


  • A Stirring recap of our game, from the GM perspective, and from a single new player’s perspective. Hi Wendy!
  • Ideas for our future games at upcoming conventions
  • A few small dick jokes at Ryan’s expense
  • A threat to do more podcasts.

So, as always, the link is below for downloading, or you can stream it directly from this thingy right here —-> : 


Link to download is Right here.

Episode 41 : Gamer Camping Trip – Pre and Post Show!

August 18, 2014 § Leave a comment

Wow, so many things have come and gone since this double episode was recorded. The burns on Ryan’s legs are now 40% gone, and we’ve long since gotten over how awesome I am at Nidhogg (LIES! WE LOVE IT FOREVER!) So, step into the world of Summer Movie Draft (woefully outdated) and marvel at the awesome games we did at the camping trip!


Who knows? Maybe if this gets enough exposure, we could turn the camping trip into a real gaming convention! Nah, who am I kidding? No one would want to do that.


As always, the episode is here for you! Enjoy!

The podcast can be downloaded here, if you’re some kind of communist or something

Episode 40 : A Week Late, Or A Few Months Early?

June 19, 2014 § Leave a comment

A long time ago, Robert and Ryan made a little podcast. Wait, it was only a week ago? What the hell kind of parallel universe is this?! Listen to what can only be described as “unlikely”, “unfunny”, and also “woefully unprofessional”.  Especially with how we close out the show. Seriously. It’s… Pretty bad.

Rather than talk only on the negatives, let’s discuss the things we DO bring up!


  • Plans for a potential Summer RPG Club, a la a book club but… with… you get it.
  • Transistor, is it all that it could be and more?
  • Ultra Street Fighter 4 and Ryan’s insane obsession with Quarter Circle Forward and Punch.
  • I think we may talk about sexy bunnies? I don’t remember… It’s been a weird day.


And you can download that podcast right here!


Episode 39 : Look At ‘Cha Boy.

June 7, 2014 § Leave a comment

Firstly, near the end of this episode, I make mention of a YouTube Video I’m willing to put here. Below this sentence IS that video. If you know me at all, you’ll know why I love it. =D



Now, with that out of the way, let’s discuss this week’s (HA!) podcast! Included within is the following tidbits of information.


  1. The reasons we took so long to get another podcast together, and how it’s not entirely Ryan’s dumbass fault this time.
  2. An update to our Rival-Sister-Rival-Rival podcast’s super viral blog posts. Seriously, if you haven’t yet, you should Check Them Out.
  3. In depth details on why they’re fucked when it comes to the Summer Movie Draft!
  4. Yet ANOTHER wager that determines if Ryan gets demoted yet again.
  5. Skyrim, TellTale Games, and the video games we’ve been addicted to.
  6. A brief recap of the tales of Hot Springs being used for evil… and maybe torture?

Below (as always) are the links to stream or download the podcast. You could also contact us on Facebook, here, or via e-mail at FoundInTheAlley@gmail.com You know, to let us know that we actually have more than two listeners. And mom, you can stop listening whenever you want. As far as I remember, no one mentioned the Midwest or anyone I’m related to in this episode. ^_~





Found In The Alley : Episode 39

Episode 38 : Seniòr Corespondante

May 4, 2014 § 2 Comments

Two things. First, I have no idea how to spell. Yes, I am on the internet and Google could probably teach me how to spell this with great ease, but I am lazy and that would ruin what is otherwise a harmless jab at my inability to complete even the most simple and basic of tasks.


Second, and vastly more important, I finally got off my ass and put up Episode 38 of our podcast, and it was only done a single week ago! Wow! Apparently, being on break means we went over the usual one hour format (which was my fault for saying “Ah, fuck it, we got this!”) by a considerable sum. Now that the chaff has been removed, only the sexy missiles remain! Constrained within the bounds of this podcast are the following :


  1. There should be more games for the Xbox One that Ryan should own. He may be a total idiot for not actively seeking out more. Maybe this post is a cry for help?
  2. The Found In The Alley crew think getting a DS for each of us for Pokemon battles is not the worst idea we have ever had.
  3. The Game Developers Conference is totally worth a visit, assuming you’re willing to work for it.
  4. I don’t think I like my attorney. He sounds too much like me, and that makes it stupid.

There ya have it. Downloadable HERE, and streamable below! (Or the Stitcher app, or iTunes… whatever… I wonder what it takes to get onto Google Play?)


Summer Movie Draft 2014

April 26, 2014 § Leave a comment

What better way to challenge our sister podcast and rivals, The Ace of Geeks, than to pop culture combat? So to this end I have proposed holding a Summer Movie Draft. It is kinda like a fantasy sports league, but with movies of course. Durr. We were each given 100 units of currency with which to bid competitively against each other. However, there are a lot of movies that come out each summer, how could we bid on all of them? We couldn’t, nor would we want to. So we each put together a list of movies we would be interested in bidding on that open between April 11th and August 22nd and put together a list of about 30 movies for us to bid upon. With the help of friend of the show Bryson Perez (@Guamunist) acting as auctioneer we set the stakes of the competition and began our bidding. You can listen to it all here in Episode 37.

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Episode 37 : Summer Movie Draft – Disney’s Got It’s Dick All Over It.

April 26, 2014 § 3 Comments

Ok, first thing’s first, Robert OK’ed this title. I refuse to take any shit for it. The vice-president of editing means all the power I really have is to cast tie breaking votes when it comes to what should and should not get cut. I hate this demotion.


But, since this was recorded two weeks ago with our sister-rival-rival-sister podcast, the Ace Of Geeks, it just proves that I deserve to have gotten demoted. Two weeks is unacceptable, and I am taking a massive pay cut for this transgression. Now I get paid nothing.


Contained within this podcast, you’ll discover…


1) Ryan is incapable of ending a story.

2) T-Rex arms are neat.

3) The true worth of the movie “How To Train Your Dragon 2”, and Mike’s plan to kidnap children to force them to watch it.

4) This post/podcast is merely the precursor to what the Summer Movie Draft is, and the list will be released soon!


There. Links and Downloads are here:


Download this damn thing here!

Episode 36 : Drowning Our Sorrows With Laughter

April 12, 2014 § Leave a comment

With balderdash and hyperbole, Robert and Ryan make their completely unwanted and unlistenable return to Found In The Alley with Episode 36! Can you believe it’s been almost 19 months since I last updated this place? You can? Well… If Homestar Runner can do it, why the hell can’t we?


Contained within this episode is a brief history on why we were gone. Seriously. It’s kinda crappy. But don’t worry! It ends with Robert giving Ryan a handjob under the table. Wait… No… That’s not right. That might make one of us happy. I’ll leave it to our intrepid single listener to determine who that would be!


Either way, now that we’re ‘back’, the plan is to do this once a week again. Who knows? Maybe this time, someone will contact us on Twitter, or on our Facebook page, or heaven forbid, leave a comment here on THIS site.


As always, you can download the from the link below as well! Listen on your… uh… whatever it is you listen to things on!

Found In The Alley : Episode 36

Episode 35 : Crimes Against Cards Against Humanity Against Humanity

July 20, 2012 § Leave a comment

We here at Found In The Alley like stuff. Random stuff. Among random things we’ve found is an absolutely kickass game called Cards Against Humanity. This game is ‘similar’ to Apples to Apples (another awesome game), with two notable differences.

1) All of the White Cards are filled with truly horrible and terrible things. MechaHitler, The Trail Of Tears, Unborn Babies ect…

2) Instead of the Black Cards being a single word, they’re phrases that can require up to 3 answers per player. Way more variety in that regard for sure.

So, in today’s podcast, we get a few people playing the game while Ryan judges them. Of course, Ryan would have played this game, if he weren’t a loser with his own home way up near Seattle instead of being a bum back in California with everyone (who may or may not be bums) who played! Who will come out on top? Will it be Eric, the Lord of Vulgarity? Will it be Keiran, the one responsible for us not being able to post our game of Panty Explosion Perfect? Will it be Joe, the sandwich hating robot boy who may never have gotten to third base no matter how many times Ryan demands to know the answer? Will it be Andrew, The guy with the Frenchie last name? Will it be Adam, our one Republican friend? Will it be Rando Cardrissian, the deck of cards that just takes his choice from the top?!

Spoilers : It won’t be Ryan or Robert winning.

Ryan may also talk about Super Monday Night Combat which is free to play on the PC right now! (Available on Steam)

So, without further adieu, feel free to download this podcast HERE!


And, as always iTunes, Stitcher, and this site will continue to have the very best in the very worst of podcasting!


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